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2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Review: Electric; Useful; Vanilla

The Verdict: The Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2022 is an interesting, capable commuter that represents the best electric cars of the first generation, with some of their power.

Against the competition: The Bolt EUV is a practical sedan with a traditional interior without the unnecessary futuristic touches that most competitors embrace.

It’s also not as advanced as most current wave EVs when it comes to DC charging capabilities.

As car manufacturers replace traditional hatchbacks, hatchbacks and wagons with SUVs, even electric cars are not stopping the trend.

Chevrolet’s popular Bolt EV hatchback is entering the 2022 model year, and joining the party this year is the Bolt EUV.

It’s an SUV version of the Bolt that’s slightly longer and taller than its sibling, but powered by a 65-kilogram lithium-ion battery.

Both Bolt EUV and Bolt EV have reviews.

It was only recently that the recall and stoppage of sales was authorized for both ends because they have, well, sometimes it seems that it is a fire that turns on – this thing is generally considered a bad thing for cars.

GM has issued a fix for both vehicles and started selling them again, and at the time of this writing, no other intentional problems have arisen.



Driving a Bolt EUV: Good if it’s not your only car

Racing around cities like Chicago in the Bolt EUV demonstrates the benefits—and fun—of small electric cars. Despite being larger than its Bolt EV sibling, the Bolt EUV is still a small car.

It fits well into many parking spaces and spaces on the road, and the speed of its electric motor makes it fast in the city.

Chevrolet measures the electric motor with only 200 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque, but you will win more stop-light races than you can imagine.

Whether it’s a short trip to the grocery store or a busy trip to work, the Bolt EUV is perfect. Even with its old technology, it is efficient, using 29 kWh per 100 kilometers of driving, according to the EPA. Additionally,

the Bolt EUV has one of the best single pedal drive setups I’ve found in an EV. Although the brake is small and difficult to change with the brake pedal, in the form of a single pedal, it is almost as intelligent as those in the Tesla.

In Tesla, however, one-pedal driving is controlled through a menu on the touch screen; The Bolt function can be activated or deactivated by pressing the physical button below the gear selector.

If you need more braking, you can turn the paddle on the steering wheel.



The Bolt EUV is not the best electric car. It doesn’t help the ride with its short wheelbase, but the 17-inch wheels help it handle the imperfections of the road that make the feeling worse.

Its heavy battery and low center of gravity give it greater driving characteristics, but its tires don’t have enough grip to take advantage of the setup.

The Bolt EUV’s steering feels communicative compared to some EVs, which tend to have vague directions, but it’s not quite as precise as a performance car.

However, if you’re trying to make the Bolt EUV your first car – one that can take long trips on the highway – you may be disappointed.

It slows down at highway speeds, and its passing efforts aren’t the most enthusiastic.

Not the best score, but the 141-mile trip on a cold, windy day, mostly on highway, took about 170 of the Bolt EUV’s 207-mile near the start of the trip.

One thing that might be interesting about road trips in the Bolt EUV is the available Super Cruise hands-free driving system.

It’s not the most advanced version that can change lanes for you, but this Super Cruise lets you leave the wheel for long periods of driving (assuming you’re on the road side of the system). I personally don’t like giving the car too much control despite the amount of protection available, but some buyers may find it appealing.

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