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There are some bitcoin rules to be followed and obeyed by the user according to their country’s laws. This article will talk about this, and if you enjoy this article to go to my website to see more. 

Bitcoin is one of the most widely used worldwide criptocurrency. It can be used to exchange a thing, trade for another Krripuptokurrency and so on. What is Bitcoin mainly? Bitcoin allows money to convey online quickly, safely and without third parties. Bitcoin is a shop in Bitcoin Purse, which is very safe. Unlike a bank if you give money to another country, a third need. Bitcoin also helps reduce the payment of Third, Bitcoin has only a transaction fee that is much lower than the fee charged by the third party. Bitcoin system is completely peer-tomer, traders will not interrupt from any third party. Bitcoin transfers very quickly from bank needs 5 to 10 working days to disseminate money from country to another country. 

This is Bitcoins benefits. Some people like to use Bitcoin as a payment of illegal traffic. Some of the country’s governments must create a law against this illegal activity. Adscited, written by Bajapai (2019) Land such as Russia, China and Vietnam banned use of \ u200bbitcoin. This is due to the nature of \ u200b \ u200bkryptokurrency, which is decentralized, can cause many illegal problems such as drug trafficking and illegal transaction. In addition, in 2017, Liang stated that China banned the entire “original currency” related Kripuptocurrency because it is charged with “a first currency” is a non-approved dispute. Since the “original currency” does not need approval from authority and cannot be controlled by the government. 

In another word policy, eg your customer policy was carried out in the Cryptocrency ecosystem. The Government creates a law against Kryptokurrency, will affect the HEE investment point of view of Cryptocurrency. When the government created the Law of Kryptokurrency, the use of \ u200bkryptokurrency limits. For example, in 2018, Queen stated that the price of Bitcoin Plummet after the China Government declares to close the entire Home Cryptocrency Exchange. The reason for the price of the cryptokurrency plummet due to the number of Krypretrency applications falls and loses its value. Various from China banned Russia’s Finance Minister Kriptocurrency, but not Blockchain technology. Some of Chountry choose to ban Bitcoin and some have decided to leave their citizenship to get the freedom to act Bitcoin. It is deposited about the joining. It is still unfair for the citizen. 

To complete the article, the government must take an immediate answer before it is too late. Investors must take care of while investing in Kryptokurrency. Local authority can pay attention to Kryptokurrency by organizing a multiple campaign around the world. The government must therefore be responsible for solving the negative impact of Krypto cruise on the economy and solving the problems facing investors to invest in Kryptokurrency. 

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